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A Message to Parents in New York State Concerned About Vaccination
By Tedd Koren, D.C.

Posted 9/5/2012 The following report (see below) has some urgency. Between now and Sept 20th 2012 might be the most timely period for certain parents to act. Because that is the date by which the Grievance Committee for the Ninth Judicial District must respond to a lawsuit filed against it by Attorney Patricia Finn.

You will learn more background to this affair by clicking here, but just for the sake of this preface, if you are a parent who sought an exemption from the vaccination requirements in NYS, and retained the services of Attorney Finn, and you felt you were overcharged, or mistreated in any other way, then now would be the best time to report that to:

Gloria Anderson
Grievance Committee for the Ninth Judicial District
399 Knollwood Road, Suite 200
White Plains, NY 10603
(914) 824-5070

Simply describe truthfully what had occurred. Include as much details as possible.

The lawsuit filed by Finn may or may not be frivolous. But if the Grievance Committee needs any additional justification for its investigation of Finn's business practices, it would be now, while these issues have finally come to a head.

Foundation for Health Choice has known and worked with Gary Krasner for over a decade. He's been very conscientious and forthright with the details of his work to us, and it's been one of the reasons we've deferred so much to his work on vaccination exemptions in the difficult state of New York.

Foundation for Health Choice does not know enough to question the sincerity of Finn's activism on vaccination. And Finn has chosen not to make public (on her website) any documents or written transactions from the Grievance Committee that might lend support to her allegation that it has targeted her solely because of her anti vaccine activism.

But from the documentation supplied to us by Krasner, and our own inquiries, Ms. Finn's difficulties with the authorities appears to have stemmed from her own business practices since she began in 2004. And while the inquiries by the Grievance Committee are not made public, if there is any chance that the Committee is indeed targeting her based on the nature of her work, the reason may be that Finn herself has publicized aspects of her work which does not comply with state regulations.

By that we mean that NYS Education Department's draconian exemption rules specifically require parents to draft explanations of their religious beliefs IN THEIR OWN WORDS. Yet Finn addresses the schools directly in her boilerplate letters, to convey her client's religious views. Such applications are invariably denied, for that reason.

NYSED's rules are clear. Finn violates those rules. Attorneys, as officers of the court, must not subvert administrative law. Mr. Krasner is not an attorney, and is therefore not subject to professional sanctions for violating rules established by regulatory agencies, even assuming that he does what Finn routinely does in her practice.

And to be blunt, if you are an attorney who does not fully comply with regulations----even for the higher good of protecting parents from oppressive medical mandates----it would seem to be rank stupidity to maintain such a high profile as Finn had done. She had promoted her services and her activism via press releases, interviews with the news media, made speeches at protest rallies, etc.

By contrast, in whatever manner Mr. Krasner assists parents, he doesn't promote himself in the media or draw attention to his organization's case work programs. He does have many parents promoting his legislation to reform the exemption provisions, but he himself keeps a low profile. He realized years ago that any media inquiries into exemption case work might reveal the mechanics of it that are better off left unsaid, both to the benefit of parent members of CFIC, and to the organization itself.

Given the nature of her work, Finn would have been better advised to have kept a low profile, and allow parties to come to her for assistance, as Krasner has done.

With that said, click here for our report on this strange affair.

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